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Q&A and About me


What I Offer

  • Digital Solutions & Innovation: I specialize in crafting software solutions, with a focus on outsourcing to ensure you get the best expertise for your project.
  • Start-Up Mentorship: I provide strategic guidance to budding businesses, helping them navigate the challenging startup landscape.
  • Tech & Business Blueprint Design: I design comprehensive software and business architectures, effectively managing innovation to drive your business forward.
  • Professional Troubleshooting: I’m adept at resolving complex issues, with a knack for finding innovative solutions to tough problems.

Why Connect With Me

  • Next-Gen Software Development: If your venture requires expertise in Blockchain, IT Systems Infrastructure, AI and Big Data Analysis, Computer Vision, Scalable IoT Systems, or Virtual Reality (VR), I can help.
  • Thought Leadership: I can assist in understanding the innovation stack that’s right for your company, building a robust team of developers, or making a pivotal shift for your product.
  • Inspiring Talks: Looking for an engaging speaker on Project and Product Management, Entrepreneurship, or Modern Education Trends? Look no further.

Connecting with me means you’re choosing to elevate your business with tailored software solutions, insightful consulting, and compelling discourse.


  1. Github – some code examples and hackathon experiments
  2. LinkedIn – my LinkedIn profile
  3. Facebook – my Facebook profile
  4. Medium – my Medium blog
  5. [email protected] – my e-mail
  6. +79168024561 – my phone (telegram, whatsapp, viber, signal)

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